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Patient experience


“Dr El-Doueik gave me acupuncture treatment for my painful periods with remarkable effect! After just 6 sessions I felt so much better and the pain was significantly reduced for many months afterwards. Not only that, I turned up one day with the beginnings of a cold, and she sorted that out for me too! Dr El-Doueik is both a professional and gentle practitioner. Thank you.”


                                                                                                   Mrs B, Maidenhead




"I had a course of Acupuncture with Abigail which, probably combined with her being so well qualified and having Orthopaedic experience, definitely helped with problems I had been experiencing following a skiing accident that had resulted in a hip replacement.  In particular Dr Abigail targeted specific muscles, as requested by my Physiotherapist, for stimulation.  The final session, aimed at muscle relaxation, was also most successful."


                                                                                          Mr.R, Henley on Thames



“I have suffered from headaches almost all my life. I was told that the main reason is that my neck bones are badly aligned; this of course was confirmed by MRI results. I tried several traditional and unconventional treatments that were either ineffective or of very little impact on my pain. The acupuncture treatment I got from Dr. Abigail although brief due to travelling was one of the most effective ones, as the relief I got was sustained for an appreciable period of time. Not only was the pain relieved, I also got an improvement in the range of motion of my left arm. Had I been living in London, I would have definitely continued these treatments with Dr. Abigail.”


                                                                                             Mrs. M, Beirut, Lebanon


“I suffered from painful and irregular periods for years. After countless visits to the doctors and trying out different painkillers I just accepted the fact that my menstruation is painful and there is nothing anybody could do about it. I ended up taking up to 20 painkillers daily (for 2 days when the cramps were the strongest).

So when Abi offered me acupuncture as possible solution I thought to myself "why not, I have nothing to lose." We decided to do a course of 8 treatments (once a week). I have a fear of needles but Abi has that calming presence and is very encouraging. She made me feel so relaxed that I almost fell asleep during my first treatment.

We managed to do 3 sessions before my period started. And I know 3 treatments is not a lot but I could already feel the difference - the pain was not as strong as before. We carried on with our weekly appointments and by the time my next period came I had almost no pain for the first time ever! Another thing I noticed: the length of my cycle went down from 31-38 days down to 28 days. Not that long cycles bothered me before but it is really nice to have regular cycles. It has been a few months now since I finished the treatment. My periods are very regular now and I hardly take any painkillers. I have been recommending Abi to all my friends since. I think everybody should try acupuncture at least once. Thank you Abi!”


                                                                                                             Mrs. LJ, USA


“Having put up with tennis elbow for over a year, which included trips to the doctor and physiotherapist, then finally an injection which lasted only a week, I was advised I may have to have a operation, just by chance I mentioned it to a friend of mine who recommended Dr El-Doueik.

I had a consultation and was immediately put at ease with her knowledge of acupuncture and her medical background along with her calming nature, within the first session I immediately felt a huge relief, the pain I had suffered for all that time had all but gone, over next few treatments it got better and better and now I'm able to use it as normal.

While having my treatments, Dr El-Doueik mentioned facial acupuncture, to help with fine lines and bring a youthful glow to the face, I decided to have a go as I didn't want to go down the Botox route, and it's amazing what a difference it's made, my skin looks more radiant, plumper, and some of the deeper lines have faded and the smaller ones almost gone! It really does make your face come alive, naturally.

During that time I fell down some steps in the garden and twisted my ankle badly, Dr El-Doueik  came to the rescue and treated my ankle, again the results were staggering, and you can really feel your body healing itself! I really can recommend Medical Acupuncture but more importantly highly recommend Dr Abigail to do it!”


                                                                                    Mrs. S H, Henley on Thames


Medical Acupuncture

The National Institute for Clinical excellence now recognises medical acupuncture as an effective adjunct in the management of certain conditions.


Western medical acupuncture is a therapeutic modality involving the insertion of fine needles; it is an adaptation of Chinese acupuncture using current knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, and the principles of evidence based medicine.

                                                                        (Acupunct Med 2009; 27(1):33-35)


Dr Abigail studied at the British Medical Acupuncture Society and has assisted many patients to find relief from their musculoskeletal pain, headaches, menstrual irregularities and menopausal symptoms. Acupuncture is very safe and Dr Abigail has experience in treating women pre-pregnancy and during their pregnancies for symptoms such as pelvic girdle pain and lower back pain, nausea and carpal tunnel syndrome.